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Mail Service Delays!!!

Updated: January 7, 2021


USPS News – USPS announced a general rate increase for shipping services to take effect Jan 9, 2022. 


USPS still has a suspension in place for all parcel services – PMI, PMEI, CeP, IPA packets, ISAL Packets, and MBags – for Australia and New Zealand. 


The USPS is seeing an increase in the number of employees falling ill due to the Omicron variant of COVID. https://www.yahoo.com/news/us-postal-getting-hit-omicron-214130386.html?guccounter=1 


Canada Post – Canada Post will be increasing their rates effective January 10th 2022.


The Federal Aviation Administration – Flights may be delayed due to the spread of the new COVID variant as well as staffing shortages. https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/31/business/flight-delays-cancellations/index.html 


The FAA – Over the holiday weekend thousands of US flights were canceled due to inclement weather and disruptions from COVID. https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/02/economy/holiday-flight-cancellations/index.html 


US / UK / EU Commercial travel corridor re-opened early November. Private passengers have benefited, and airline bookings are at capacity, but very few additional commercial flights have been added. With passenger baggage, space for cargo and parcels is shrinking. Within the UK and EU, airlines are approx. 30% understaffed in all areas –experienced and airport security cleared trained staff had been furloughed or laid off for 20 months while this travel corridor was closed. The situation is improving, but there are still some delays caused by these staffing shortages. 


GLOBAL A number of countries are moving back to partial lockdowns as Coronavirus cases surge, and requesting citizens work from home wherever possible. Postal and final mile delivery services continue to operate as essential businesses, albeit with some increased delays due to staff shortages and shutdowns, and reduced staffing on shifts to maintain safe social distancing.


CANADA Delays into British Columbia have improved significantly since the flooding and mudslides in November. Normal winter weather delays in some regions could add 1-2 days delay. Canada Post is reporting 1 – 2 day delays in some areas due to high levels of staff absence due to the new Omicron variant. 


AFGHANISTAN All mail and parcel services suspended indefinitely   


AUSTRALIA The service suspensions USPS announced in October remain in place for all parcel services – PMI, PMEI, CeP, IPA packets, ISAL Packets, and MBags Air transport into Australia remains challenging, with extremely high ecommerce volumes Customs Clearance Delays and a shortage of Airline handling teams at destination are also subject to delay final mile delivery timings are gradually improving as various states are easing the lockdowns. We expect to see service impact once in country of 4 – 5 days


AUSTRIA Has introduced measures that force unvaccinated citizens to isolate at home, and are looking to implement stricter lockdowns in some areas with high infection levels.


FRANCE La Poste issued through UPU circular 197 changes to treatment of VAT for goods sold through an online marketplace. La Poste has announced that effective January 2022, for goods sold through an online marketplace, the marketplace is responsible to collect VAT at point of sale, and report the VAT to French authorities. The marketplace is required to provide, if registered for IOSS, the IOSS number for shipments under 150 Euro, and for shipments over 150 Euro their French VAT number. Please select the link to the UPU bulletin for details UPU197 


INDIA India Post advises that following restrictions introduced to combat the current COVID 19 surge, there is limited domestic transport capacity, and delivery times are not currently guaranteed; this situation is ongoing.


IRELAND Ireland Customs are requesting 10 digit HS Codes for all parcels shipped using USPS – there are some limited exceptions for specific goods approved for simplified import controls An Post extended the list of goods approved for simplified import controls in mid-November. Your account rep can provide additional information if required.


ITALY Poste Italiane are still reporting significant backlogs/delays in processing parcels through postal customs– sometimes as much as 10 days before a package clears postal customs. 


JAPAN Experiencing some delivery delays western, central, and northern Japan after recent significant snow storms. Regions affected are Chugoku, Kinki, Tokai and Hokuriku. 


LATVIA – The government has imposed national lockdown until at least mid November. Essential services continue, including postal deliveries, but subject to delay


MAYLASIA Floodwaters in some of the regions have receded. However, due to office closures and a lack of access roads, the following postcode regions are still impacted with potential delivery delays in: 260xx; 265xx;280xx; 285xx; 287xx; 40000–40169; 40180–40399; 40400–40449; 40450–40459; 40460–40499; 40500–40999; 42450–42499; 43100–43199; 43800; 43900; 63000 and 64000. The localities affected, are as follows: Maran; Bentong; Lanchang; Temerloh; Shah Alam; Kota Kemuning; Balakong; Banting; Bt 9 Cherasand Dengkil. 


NEW ZEALAND The service suspensions USPS announced in October remain in place for all parcel services – PMI, PMEI, CeP, IPA packets, ISAL Packets, and MBags  


SPANISH TERRITORIES Changes to customs requirements 

New customs requirements in Spanish territories Canary Islands – postcodes 35XXX, 38XXX, Ceuta – postcodes 51XXX, Melilla 52XXX. Postal Customs authorities in these territories are now enforcing regulations that require a CN22 or CN23 affixed to parcels. Items received that do not meet these requirements are going to a manual postal customs process, and may be put on hold while the post attempts to contact consignee for clarification. If there is no valid in country telephone number of email address within the submitted data, these parcels may be returned


THAILAND The flood waters in ALL postcode areas have subsided, meaning that mail operations and delivery of postal items are now back to normal in all areas including the following postcode areas that were previously affected by flooding: 10130, 10280, 10290 11xxx, 12xxx, 13xxx, 14xxx, 16xxx 34xxx 40xxx, 44xxx, 45xxx 60xxx, 61xxx, 65xxx, 66xxx 72xxx, 73xxx, 76xxx 80xxx, 86xxx 


UK Some delayed deliveries as sorting centres are short staffed due to high COVID cases and absences 

Absolute Mail Logistics will continue to monitor this situation and will update customers regarding any significant developments.

Thanks for your patience and will keep you abreast of any changes!!!!

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