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Absolute Mail Logistics has over 50-years of combined international mail and logistics industry experience. Absolute Mail will assist you to develop a strategy that will foster business expansion and work within your cost structure.
Absolute Mail services take advantage of discounts not readily available. With a thorough understanding of your goals, we will guide you through the steps to obtain the greatest discounts.
Absolute Mail is transforming customers’ mailing challenges into exceptional opportunities. Absolute Mail Logistics is a full-service fulfillment and mailing services company.
Absolute mail Logistics offers a low-cost, time-definite LTL, Trailer Load and Air Freight Services for heavyweight shipments. We offer one convenient pickup which means greater consistency for your long-haul, regional and inter-regional freight needs. We offer both Expedited and Standard Services.
Services: International (including M-Bag), Domestic Standard Bulk Mail, Fulfillment, Pick-Pack, Air Freight & LTL trucking services plus CANADA DIRECT Injection Service.
M-Bag postal services are low cost with a reliable delivery of heavier-weight mail. M-Bags are a way of shipping all mail to a single location in a secure-sealed mail sack. Also we have our AbsoluteComm Service for parcels that’s sent through the mail that includes tracking!