Absolute Alert

Date Creation: 2014-01-16

Company Name: Preferred Shipping, Inc.

Ticket Number: GA008549

Account Number: 170774891001

Service Requested: Standard (International)

Shipment Containers / Skids: 9

Shipment Weight (lbs.): 298

Shipping Mail To: Hauppauge, NY (JFK)

Chargeback: No

Comments: 1Z4XR3880373547562 1Z4XR3880375154394 1Z4XR3880373683129 1Z4XR3880373941788 1Z4XR3880373533737 1Z4XR3880375565959 1Z4XR3880373861347 1Z4XR3880374706174 1Z4XR3880373244004 These were picked up Tuesday and delivered to terminal via UPS ground. Belltower Books rep steve smith

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