AUSTRALIA – Victoria, and parts of NSW suffered extreme weather events last month. There are some ongoing network disruptions as a result which may be causing some delays with final deliveries. Heavy rain and flooding have closed the Sydney-to-Perth rail line. The Melbourne-to-Adelaide rail link was closed due to damage caused by a train derailment and reopened on 21 November, however, delays are expected due to a backlog of freight. Western Australia continues to see extended delivery delays as a result.


CANADA – Delivery delays continued in Saskatchewan(S Postal Code) due to the Heavy snow and freezing rain most of last week including Friday so you will see delays in that area… Also, you will see delays in Swift Current(Postal Code S9H,) for last week but things are back to normal now. Sault Ste Marie( P0S and P6A Postal Codes) experienced delays last week so watch for delivery challenges affecting on-time deliveries. Things are now back to normal as of today.


·     Potential Transportation Delays:

·     None reported

·     Processing Facility Challenges

·     All plants are open and operating with no issues.



FRANCE – There have been some localized fuel shortages, which are ongoing and may cause some delivery delays – 1 to 3 days.


GERMANY – Deutsche Post of Germany has informed that due to increasing COVID-19 infections among staff, it is currently encountering challenges in delivering items within promised delivery timescales. These challenges are mainly at local or regional levels rather than nationwide but may affect different parts of Germany with delays. As a result, minor delays may be experienced for items destined for Germany until further notice.


HONG KONG – Hong Kong post advises services are now back to normal following the damages from tropical storm NALGAE.


ISRAEL – The post advises they are clearing backlogs caused by staff shortages – they still have COVID-19 restrictions in place.




AFGHANISTAN – All mail and parcel services are suspended indefinitely.


CYPRUS – Some postal operators are reporting a lack of transportation to the island resulting in longer final delivery timings, expect some delays.


JAMAICA – Jamaica Post has advised that their international mail processing center has been experiencing IT issues affecting the connectivity and customs-related procedures which have prevented the processing of International Mail. As a result, delays should be expected to items destined for Jamaica while this is resolved.


OFAC / BIS COUNTRIES – ePG is fully compliant with US Federal regulations, and our team monitors the registers:


Current sanctioned destinations are:


·     CUBA – BIS

·     IRAN – OFAC


·     SUDAN – OFAC & BIS

·     SYRIA – BIS


RUSSIA – All mail and parcel services are suspended indefinitely.


SOUTH AFRICA – South African Post – relocation of the office of exchange was completed in early August. The post advises that there are still delays as they clear the backlog accumulated during the move.