June 1, 2022

International Service Disruptions

AUSTRALIA – Australia Post advises that there continue to be some delays on arrival at the gateways and through postal customs until the material is cleared for Australia Post delivery. The ongoing delays once cleared continue to add an additional 3 -4 days to overall transit times.

UNITED KINGDOM – Delays in the UK while the 4 nations celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II. The UK will have public holidays Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd June to enable a 4-day celebration of the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth.

Absolute Mail Logistics will continue to export material in to the UK as we have a skeleton crew arrangement with our Customs Broker. Shipments will be retrieved from airlines and customs cleared. We will transfer for final carriers on Saturday, and deliveries will be made from Monday 6th June onward.